About Sherwood United Methodist Church

Sherwood United Methodist Church has been engaged in ministry for over 100 years. Our joy is to invite all people to join us in our journey with Jesus to follow his path of faith that leads to Life in its fullness. We are a small community of faith that loves to support one another in the challenging times of life, and come together to celebrate the presence of God in our lives each Sunday.  We express our faith with a  focus on feeding people.

Our ‘Helping Hands’ ministry feeds literally thousands of people every year and engages not just our members but a broad section of our entire community; people who share our passion that no one should go hungry. Whoever you are and wherever you are in your spiritual or religious life you are welcome to join us in our journey of faith; to nurture your hunger for meaning and purpose, and to make a real difference in the world around us.

Sherwood United Methodist Church



Mailing Address

PO Box 127
Sherwood, Oregon 97140


22280 SW Washington Street
Sherwood, Oregon 97140

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